Dave McPherson from INME Interviewed

This is Lee Walker from www.PlanetMosh.com conducting an interview with Dave McPherson from the band INME.


LW – Hi Dave, for all of those people who are just coming into contact INME as a result of this interview, how did the band come into existence ?

DM – Me and my childhood friend were bored teenagers who shared a passion for music. We started ripping off Nirvana songs and then found Simon from my school who played drums. We rehearsed as much as possible and were absolutely hooked. Once we started to venture into London venues during college we started to take things really seriously & eventually got recognised by a lovely lady from Music For Nations.

LW – Having heard various, often contradictory, descriptions for INME’s sounds how would you best describe them?

DM – Melodic, energetic, passionate rock. We try to explore many different styles though so we’re not too interested in genres!

LW – In terms of yourself what bands/artists have influenced you musically ?

DM – My Dad’s record collection! Pink Floyd, Queen, The Police, Talk Talk, Tears for Fears etc. Then as a teenager I got into Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden etc. Then I had a huge Deftones phase! These days I love all sorts really, from Loudon Wainwright the 3rd to Born of Osiris.

LW – What made you decide you wanted to be a musician ?

DM – My family has a massive musical background and it’s an art that never bores me. I’ve always been a bit of a lost soul & music always helped me express myself. I love performing & music is in my blood.

LW – You are about to release your fifth studio album (“The Pride”) how did this album come about ?

DM – After Herald Moth we wanted to change direction like we do every album. I wrote loads but then scrapped it all as it was too similar to Herald Moth. I decided I wanted to pull the reins in a little and focus on the songs and melody rather than making everything technical for the sake of it. We wanted to make a highly emotionally charged, epic, dreamy album which was more uplifting then what we’d done before. Luckily all four of us were on the same page.

LW – Why did you decide to become involved the Alzheimer’s Society charity ?

DM – Me and my brother lost our grandfather to it last year and our management have also lost family to it.  It is a dreadful disease. They do such amazing work and it just felt like the right choice.

LW – How do you think this album differs from your previous INME releases such as Hearld Moth, Daydream Anonymous, White Butterfly or Overgrown Eden ?

DM – I think it’s a massive progression but also envelops parts of all the previous albums.

LW – How do you think it compares with your solo album “The Hardship Diaries” ?

DM – I don’t think it does at all. Obviously it’s the same singer but they’re completely different. One is a rock album and one is acoustic. Both however are very emotional records.

LW – What are your favourite songs on the album?

DM – I think the consensus in the and is Reverie Shores. What I love about it is that I can’t put my finger on what I live about it! On a self indulgent level I pull off a killer solo halfway through!

LW –What do you have planned 2012 ? Are there any plans for tours or festival appearances ?

DM – We’ve confirmed a couple smaller things but nothing is confirmed regarding the big fish. We’ll definitely be doing something though and hopefully in Europe too.

LW – Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans ?

DM – You are absolutely awesome & unlike fleeting trends you stick by us through thick and thin. Huge love & gratitude.

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