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On 18 February 2014
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There's no denying that he has the husky, growling tones many wannabe rockers would sell their granny for.

@planetmosh reviews Baptized by @CHRIS_Daughtry out February 17th on @sonymusicuk

daughtry coverDaughtry is the self titled band formed by singer Chris Daughtry.  It features Daughtry on vocals, Josh Paul on bass, Brian Craddock and Josh Steely on guitars, Robin Diaz on drums and Elvio Fernandez on keyboards. Since finishing fourth on American Idol in 2006, the frontman has gone on to become the most successful non-winner of the show, racking up single sales in excess of 17 million.  Only winners Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood can claim more.  Strange then, that in his own words this album ‘Baptized‘ has a “completely different vibe all around.”  He clearly doesn’t believe that if it ain’t broke…..

I really wanted to love Baptized.  I could’ve easily written a review that sang the praises of this band because I think they are capable of making a brilliant rock album.  However, I have a responsibility as a reviewer to give an honest opinion, and so here it is.  I’ve long been of the opinion that Chris has a classic rock voice and he’s done well to throw off the Idol chains and become established in his own right.  There’s no denying that he has the husky, growling tones many wannabe rockers would sell their granny for, but the move towards a poppier sound on Baptized rarely gives his voice a chance to really cut loose and show us what it can do.  In fact, it’s difficult even to pin the album down to a particular genre, with rock, pop, folk and country sounds all vying for attention.  There can’t be many albums reviewed on Planetmosh that feature a banjo!  Having said that, the production values are really high, everything sounds slick and the songs are incredibly hook-y, so like them or not you’ll still be humming them.

There are definite glimpses of what Daughtry are capable of here, ‘Traitor’ in particular gives Chris the chance to show the quality of his voice, although the electronic effect used on his voice mid-song is totally unnecessary.  He has a strong voice that doesn’t need these gimmicks.  Title track ‘Baptized’ is catchy and what I’d describe as pure pop.  Not what I was expecting at all!  ‘Broken Arrows’ is a lighters-in-the-air sing-along ballad that is going to be a huge hit live when Daughtry tour the UK next month.  ‘Long Live Rock n Roll’ name checks the artists Daughtry grew up listening to, from Elton John to Motley Crue and “Van Hagar.”

I want to re-emphasise that while I may have made some negative comments about this album as a whole, I remain very sure that Chris Daughtry has what it takes to make an rock album of the highest quality.  ‘Baptized’ isn’t it, but I do believe in his ability.  Perhaps ‘Long Live Rock n Roll’ sums up this album.  There are so many influences, so many sounds and genres that in the end it’s really not sure of its own identity.  Individually there are some good songs, but like a football team of individual geniuses, there’s no guarantee they’ll play well together.

Track Listing


2)Waiting for Superman


4)I’ll Fight

5)Wild Heart

6)Long Live Rock n Roll

7)The World we Knew

8)High Above the Ground

9)Broken Arrows



12)18 Years



15)Battleships (Acoustic)*

*Deluxe Edition


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There's no denying that he has the husky, growling tones many wannabe rockers would sell their granny for.

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