DARKTRIBE – “Mysticeti Victoria”.

Formed in France in 2009 by brothers Anthony and Julien Agnello, this represents the bands full length debut.
Stylistically I guess we can put the band under the pretty wide umbrella of Symphonic Power Metal, and indeed the band seems most adept at covering all base points within that particular genres boundaries. Making full use of some excellent galloping power riffs and some truly testicular crunching , glass shattering vocals, this really is a most impressive debut.


Opener “Genesis”, an instrumental complete with harp strings and orchestra soon launches into some serious wind milling soloing on follow on track “Taiji”, a real Power Metal gem.
Darktribe show they can beef things up and get low down and dirty as well though as “Lost” demonstrates, with some crunching riffs played at a fair old rate of knots. “Poison Of Life” also comes across as a potential classic, with more changes in tempo than you can count.


The album has been mixed by none other than Mikko Karmila, famed for his work with Nightwish amongst others, and it’s the addition of the Finnish touch that lifts this album from being just another wishy washy warbling effort to a much higher level. The finished article is a testament to all that’s good in the Power Metal world, an album that delivers all the required elements but with an impressive level of spontaneity and guile that sets them apart from many other bands in the same field, album closer “Life, Love And Death” illustrating the point perfectly.


Looking at the big picture, you would have to say that the band are competing in a pretty crowded market place, with a host of others jockeying for position to gain passage up to the higher ranks but based on this excellent debut I know who my money’s on.

Rating 8.5/10.


Track Listing;
1. Genesis.
2. Taiji.
3. Roma XXI.
4. Black Meteor.
5. Lightning Guide.
6. Lost.
7. Poison Of Life.
8. Eyes Have You.
9. Beware The God.
10. From Us.
11. Life, Love & Death.

Darktribe are;

Anthony Agnello – Vocals.
Loic Manuello – Guitars.
Bruno Caprani – Bass.
Julien Agnello – Drums.

Out now via http://www.massacre-records.com



[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wixhxmDu9gY&w=420&h=315]

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