Dark Radio – Oakwind

dark radio - oakwind,OakwindDark Radio was formed in 2010 by Diogo Ferreira and Flavio Silva but only finalised the lineup in 2012.  They’ve now recorded their debut album, Oakwind, and are planning to tour during the year.

The vocals are great.  They’re very varied, at times reminding me of The Cult’s Ian Astbury, although generally sounding slightly higher and smoother.  The vocals contrast with the darker heavy guitar driven music and the resulting combination works really well.  The music definitely falls into the Prog Rock category with it’s complex sounds.

A very good album thats well worth a listen for fans of Progressive rock.

Rating: 6.5/10

‘Oakwind’ is out now.

Track listing:

1. Cosmic Blunder
2. Yearning
3. Hands full of dust
4. Inner glimpse
5. Oakwind
6. Amber soul
7. Lives on
8. State of play
9. Trace
10. Northern lights

Dark radio area:

Flavio Silva – Vocals & Guitar
Diogo Ferreira – Drums
Helder da Silva – Guitar
Ricardo Drummond – Bass

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