Dark Princess, “The World I’ve Lost” cd.


I unashamedly confess to have been a fan of female vocal Rock and Metal for more years than I’m prepared to divulge, and so it gives me a real sense of joy when I discover a band which completely knocks me off my feet.
Formed in Russia in 2005 the band have released a couple of albums prior and also a Russian language version of select songs from the aforementioned releases, however this is the first to feature the vocal talent of Natalia Terekhova, and what a talent it is, deeply rich and emotional in every note and possessing a rare depth of power, which comes across superbly well.
The album is a beautiful balance of Symphonic and Melodic Metal interspersed with some excellent, almost folk tinged acoustic work, the tracks “The Temple Of Darkness” and “Paradise Land” being the prime examples, the latter featuring a male vocal for good measure too.
It’s really difficult to pick standout tracks from this album as it flows so well making it a truly complete, pleasurable listening experience, able to stir the emotions within to new levels, a feat which not many bands in this genre can achieve.
If you’re a fan of Symphonic/Melodic/Female Fronted Metal then this album is a must, however, if you’re a fan of superbly written and performed music in general then this album is essential.

Rating 9.5/10.

Track Listing;
1. Fight With Myself.
2. We Can Not Fly So High.
3. Fields Of Use.
4. The Key.
5. Everlasting Pain.
6. Paradise Land.
7. Point Of No Return.
8. The Temple Of Darkness.
9. The Last Page.
10. The Way Of Passion.
11. Caruso.

Dark Princess are;
Natalia Terekhova – Vocals.
Stepan Zuev – Keyboards, Backing Vocals.
Alexander Lyubimov – Guitar, Backing Vocals.
Kirill Fyodorov – Drums.
Stas Fatianov – Bass.

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