Daniel Trigger ‘Army Of One’ CD.

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Daniel Trigger

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On 5 April 2014
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This is a great hard rock record full of powerful lead vocals and killer riffs.

daniel triggerThis is an album I’ve been itching to get my teeth into, I’ve had this promo a good few weeks now, sitting there, teasing me to rip open the wrapper and take a listen. However other things have always cropped up, as they do. One of these ‘things’ dropped through my mailbox on Thursday, the new Black Label Society album.
However much I wanted to hear the new Zakk Wylde release, Daniels must also be given the same courtesy, after all, it has been in my house longer, and Daniel has put just as much effort into this, his 5th album, as Zakk has done with his.

Daniel Trigger is a band from the West Midlands. Singer Daniel formed the band with his wife Sally back in 2003. They have released 5 albums so far: “Call to Arms” in 2005, “Fight the Machine” in 2006, “Dawn of a new Knight” in 2007, “Furious Times” in 2009 , “Infinite Persistence” in 2012 and now in 2014 “Army Of One”.
Daniel is a multi-instrumentalist and is also responsible for the overall sound as he takes care of studio duties as well. The guitar solos are handled by long-time associate and session guitarist David D’Andrade, and drums are played by Terry Sadowski.

“Unbreakable” kicks the album off with its big riffs and layered vocals. This isn’t too much of a surprise for me, as this new release treads very similar territory to the previous records. The music is hard rock, with Daniels vocal style giving it a metal edge, although on the softer tracks he does cross over in AOR territory very easily.
“Invisible” is a great hard rocking track, full of chunky riffs, however Daniels voice is the star here, it absolutely soars.
“All Fall Down” is this album’s stand out track for me, from its quiet acoustic beginnings, before building into a real powerhouse of a track.
“Fear The Night” is a no-nonsense straight up melodic rocker, underpinned by a glorious bass line.
“State of Mind” has a great opening riff sequence before developing into more of an AOR track, a great piece of songwriting, and an equally impressive display of Daniels versatility.
“Here & Now” is another strong melodic rocker, whilst “Remember When” turns out to be the albums big ballad.
“Dancing With The Devil” brings the album to a close, with a great rock song, it’s great to see that standards haven’t dropped any, with this last track holding its own against the early big hitters like Unbreakable and All Fall Down.
Daniel has proved himself to be a strong songwriter and a talented musician and this is as good as any album he has released before, this is a great hard rock record full of powerful lead vocals and killer riffs.
Genre – Hard Rock / Melodic Rock
Label – Self Released, out now.
Track listing:
01 – Unbreakable
02 – Rise Above
03 – Invisible
04 – All Fall Down
05 – Fear The Night
06 – State Of Mind
07 – Here & Now
08 – Remember When
09 – Dancing With The Devil

This is a great hard rock record full of powerful lead vocals and killer riffs.

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