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On 19 August 2016
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An interesting and eclectic mix makes up 'Cut It Out' by Dancing Crap. A solid debut which should appeal to fans of artists/bands like Anzi, The Prodigy and Sinnergod.

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Dancing Crap arose from the ashes of vocalist Ronnie Abeille’s former band The Main Attraction. In 2012 he started new venture Dancing Crap, who spent three months in London playing venues including Nambucca, The Intrepid Fox and Proud Camden.  They describe themselves as alternative rock/metal/industrial and released debut album ‘Cut It Out’ via Agoge Records. The description sounded interesting, although the name Dancing Crap leaves a bit to be desired, I had visions of ……. well let’s not go down the toilet humour route and I’m not one to judge a book by it’s cover so here goes.

On first listen I was reminded of an album I reviewed last year Black Dog Bias by Finnish performer Anzi. An interesting album with lot’s of different elements and Dancing Crap turned out to have a few strings to their bow too. A few more observations. Opening track The Sick Ones starts off slow, then speeds up, slows down again and interweaves a bit of a reggae beat, and some searing riffs an odd but eclectic mix which works well. Burned Down City Soul think Marilyn Manson meets The Prodigy throw in  a bit more of that reggae beat and also a marching whistle. Then we march away from reggae for Sam, the shortest track on the album, (just, as most of them are around the three minute mark) and this time we get a bit of Bhangra thrown in. With it’s electronic start and pounding bass beat I’m thinking something along the lines of Anzi meets Sinngergod, do False SaintsBurnSpotlight with it’s punishing beat had me thinking of Ministry whilst Obscure had me jumping around in pain! Well obscurely (or not) I thought of House of Pain‘s Jump Around.

Sociopathic Circus with it’s pounding beat was very Anzi meets Rammstein. For Strange Kind of Connections throw The Prodigy and The Cult into a blender sprinkle with Stone Temple Pilot’s Sex Type Thing and you’ll come up with some interesting, if not, Strange Kind of Connections! The album ends with Morbid Mary which reminded me a little of The Prodigy’s Breathe. All in all an interesting and eclectic mix makes up Cut It Out by Dancing Crap. A solid debut which should appeal to fans of artists/bands like Anzi, The Prodigy and Sinnergod.

Highlight Track: Strange Kind of Connections

Track List:

1: The Sick Ones
2: Burned Down City Soul
3: Sam
4: Spotlight
5: Obscure
6: Sociopathic Circus
7: The Ride
8: Strange Kind of Connections
9: Needless
10: Morbid Mary

Band Members:

Ronnie Abeille – Vox
Sal Ariano – Guitar
Eugenio “The Joker” Pavolini – Guitar
Bobby Gaz – Bass
Danilo “Wolf” Camerlengo – Drums

European Tour:

21.09. – TBA
22.09. – S8 Underground, Budapest, Hungary
23.09. – Mario Bar, Bjelovar, Croatia
24.09. – Gustaf Pekarna Maribor, Slovenia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DANCINGCRAP/

An interesting and eclectic mix makes up 'Cut It Out' by Dancing Crap. A solid debut which should appeal to fans of artists/bands like Anzi, The Prodigy and Sinnergod.

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