Dan Patlansky and Ashley Sherlock at The Deaf Institute, Manchester 17/5/23

Sadly some faff with my photo pass delayed my entry somewhat so I only managed to catch the last song by the Ashley Sherlock.  I had been looking forward to seeing Ashley too as a good friend had recently taken his latest publicity photos.  Not sure what the joke was about but bassist Charlie Rachael Kay was in hysterics at the end of the last song.  The band are back at Manchester’s Academy 3 on 15th September 2023 and I will be there for that!

Photo by Ant Firmin

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I have to admit I am really excited to be seeing Dan Patlansky again, it has been 5 years since I sweated off several kilograms at the Greystone in Sheffield where I watched a mesmerising performance and I am hoping for more of the same tonight, will he live up to my expectations?

Without much fanfare the band get on stage and open with the instrumental instrumental Lift Off and like a rocket launching from Cape Canaveral they are aiming skyward. 

Dan is taking an old school approach to this tour; he is playing new songs before recording them so they bed in, mature, grow which is great from his perspective but it makes it a tad difficult to report on what he is playing. 

However, Heart of Stone is simply stunning, the passionate playing of the guitar solo is like dynamite, absolutely explosive.  We are on more familiar territory with Who I Am, a staple rocker whereas One With Fire has a funky groove into which Dan unleashes his inner Stevie Ray Vaughan, and the great man’s fingerprints are all over his playing as we move into the quiet solo, there is so much fire in his soul that he is burning the place down – call the fire brigade.  And that groove is layed down by Dan’s understated rhythm section of Greg on bass and Andy on drums, delivering the goods perfectly whilst allowing Dan to shine at the same time.

Things slowed down somewhat with Movin’ On, a song inspired by advice his father would give him, the emotion in his voice is enough to give you goosebumps as he sings the chorus.

His most requested song is also a video he was least enamoured with, just like the audience in Newcastle, but Big Things Are Going Down is special and the crowd here are in stunned silence as he plays it… mind blowing!

Giving the set a 180 degree twist Dan Patlansky dives into the modern blues rocker Backbite, what a tune this is, I’d forgotten how good it is, and the whole crowd is moving along with it.

Unsurprisingly, given the reception, the band return for an encore with the rock’n’roll of Red Velvet Suit as Dan tears into another SRV inspired solo.  I’ve loved every minute of this gig and won’t leave it this long to see him again.  And those expectations were exceed once again.

Photo by Ant Firmin

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