Damnation Organiser Gavin McInally Interview-Damnation 2014

Gavin McInally InterviewI sat with three other interviewers in the Press Area of Damnation and had a relaxed chat with the founder of Leed’s Damnation Festival, Gavin McInally to find out how the whole thing began 10 years ago.

How does a small one day show go from it’s humble beginnings to being one of the UK’s must do festivals?

What does it feel like to realise that the festival you began has sold-out and  the legendary Bolt Thrower are headlining it?

All these questions and more shall be answered…

About Aisha Al-Sadie

Scottish based interviewer and reviewer for PM. Aisha is a fine artist who has created album artwork for various bands including Meads of Asphodel and Towers of Flesh. She is a heavy supporter of the UK underground scene and while she has a varied music taste, she admits it is mostly all about the thrash, black and death metal.