Dakesis – The New Dawn

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On 29 March 2016
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A concept album that captivates from start to finish. A stunning 78 minute long
piece of work by Dakesis.


Since forming in Birmingham in 2008, Dakesis released an EP and their debut studio album Trial By Fire by 2011and it shows the confidence that they have in themselves to follow these up with a 78 minute long concept album titled The New Dawn. Concept albums can strike fear to the heart of some rock/metal fans but Dakesis have created a piece of work that pulls you in and never lets you go until its over.

The album is self produced and the theme is based around an oppressed kingdom fighting their enemies to bring peace back once more. Beginning with ‘Overture: The Darkest Hour’, the morose strings befit the song title as it progresses into a call to arms mood which leads straight into the stabbing main riff from Matt Jones to the title track. The slamming rhythm section of bassist Amie Chatterley and drummer Adam Harris plus an intense melodic solo provide backing for the lung busting vocals from Gemma Lawler. Other highlights are the follower ‘Betrayal’ featuring a guest vocal from The Mighty Wraith frontman Matt Gere. His contribution blends with the high notes from Gemma against heavy riffing and powerhouse drums.

The foot is taken off the accelerator slightly for the hard hitting symphonic metal of ‘The Great Insurrection’ that features a fret melting guitar solo midway. The atmospheric choral like intro of ‘To Conquer Or Die’ leads into Celtic like passages followed by striding hard rock with lush vocals. The sublime folk metal first part of ‘Judgement Day’ seques into a majestic metal finish as the vocals intensify. ‘Autumn’ is mainly orchestral lead backed by yet another emotional lead vocal.

Everything is thrown into the melting pot for ‘The Seventh Sky’, the longest track here clocking in at just under 18 minutes long. The time flies by effortlessly in a masterclass of riff laden, heavy progressive metal. You can feel the passion flowing throughout highlighted by the closing vocal of “In the light we are one” but my highlight is closing track ‘By The Fading Light’, another opus at just under 12 minutes. The main riff is nothing short of a headbangers dream. A brief respite midway of a solemn piano backed vocal leads to a full on emotional tidal wave to close the album.

   Dakesis are currently on a 17 date tour, 13 in the UK and 4 in Finland that finishes at the end of May.

Album track listing :-

Overture: The Darkest Hour.

The New Dawn.


Destined For The Flame.

The Great Insurrection.

To Conquer Or Die.

Intermezzo: Meridian.

Judgement Day.

The Sacrifice.


The Seventh Sky :-

i. Visions

ii. Ascendancy.

iii. Unity.

Call To Freedom.

By The Fading Light.


Dakesis band line up:

Gemma Lawler – Lead vocals.

Amie Chatterley – Bass guitar/vocals.

Matt Jones – Guitar.

Adam Harris – Drums/vocals.



A concept album that captivates from start to finish. A stunning 78 minute long piece of work by Dakesis.

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