Csaba Zvekan Exorcism Interview


It’s safe to say that we love speaking with Csaba Zvekan.  He’s a wonderfully warm, larger than life personality who is never afraid to give you his thoughts and more importantly is someone incredibly passionate about his music and metal in general.  He also never likes to sit still when it comes to making music too!

We caught up with him working on current project, Exorcism, to discuss what lies ahead and how it came about.

Back in February we spoke with you about Raven Lord and the debut album release. Nine months on we’re back, but this time discussing the forthcoming Exorcist release. Do you always feel the need to keep yourself busy?

Well it’s like with a pregnancy. It takes nine months to bear a child so here I am again with yet another new born hahahaha! Well first of all thank you for the opportunity to talk about this exciting new product EXORCISM. Planetmosh has always been good to us and our many projects. So back to your question and the answer is YES, I like to stay busy. Especially having these wonderful people around me these days makes a lot of difference and fun to do projects.

The concept of Exorcism as a musical entity has been around since 2006. What has happened to allow it to progress beyond a concept?

Indeed it started out late 2006 after I purchased a cool GIBSON Les Paul Black Beauty and started playing guitar again. I instantly became hooked again and it was like back in the days. So from snippets of ideas became real song arranges and with some vocal ideas on top I was out there trying to shop a deal. That unfortunately didn’t work back in those years and the material was put aside. Fortunately one day I showed the material to my manager AXEL WIESENAUER from ROCK’N GROWL Management and he was like, “hey that’s some pretty cool stuff, let me see with my industry people”. So from there it progressed from a demo production that was almost forgotten to a possible new deal, new band etc.

With this great line up of having the brilliant shred-lord JOE STUMP playing the guitars, LUCIO MANCA with his hypnotic bass lines and GARRY KING on drums with the awesome lava groove. So here we are now as EXORCISM!

Were there ever any frustrations that Exorcism would never see the light of day?

Well, you know how it is with us musicians. All we want is to make music to be heard and possibly liked. At the same time over the years we learn not get too excited. What I like to tell myself in frustrating situations is that the World might have not been ready for the jewels to hear yet hahahahahaha! And in this case with EXORCISM it took a few years for the lost and found songs and the good thing now is that the World seems to be ready to hear EXORCISM and the material offered.

What can we expect to hear from Exorcism as a band?

EXORCISM is one of the darker band projects I’ve sang with. We have some tuned down guitar riffs à la BLACK SABBATH, OZZY OSBOURNE and vocals sound in the veins of DIO, JUDAS PRIEST and DEEP PURPLE. The lyrical topics are very dark themed about end time scenarios and I guess people like to describe us as a doom metal band.

Has the song writing process been any different compared to your time in other bands?

Yes, this is somewhat different as usual as I composed everything from the vocals side. Sure the route would be very similar like with other band where I would play some riffs and record them. Still in the back of my mind I already knew what could work great as far as melodies and chord progressions. Whereas in other bands I would have to make changes in order to make it fit to what I want sing. So it’s pretty much the other way around. The focus this time is on the melody and the overall mood of the song.

Is there a hope to go out on the road once the album is released?

Absolutely. Once you hear the music you know it’s made to play it live on all the stages and festivals on this planet. Touring and playing live is, in my opinion, the big pay-off for all our efforts. The record is tons of work still I’m not complaining as it is also way too much fun. The CD is a necessity and the vehicle for playing shows.

Will there be a return to Raven Lord once the creation and promotion surrounding Exorcism has been complete?

For sure there will be some attention to RAVEN LORD after the dust has settled. In fact the second album is in the pipeline. Still I like to keep the focus on EXORCISM as our time is limited.

When can we expect to hear the finished album?

We’re working hard to deliver the record as soon as possible. Currently we’re in the studio tracking guitars and vocals. I would say from what I’ve heard from the record company the release should be out early 2014. Who knows there might be a video with a single for Christmas or some cool video interviews with snippets to hear.

Thank you for this interview. Csaba

Thanks indeed to Csaba for once again taking time to speak with Planetmosh.  We’ll no doubt be back with a review of Exorcism’s album at the start of next year!

Exorcism are:
Csaba Zvekan – Vocals
Lucio Manca – Bass
Joe Stump – Guitars
Garry King – Drums



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