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Cryptic Shift

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On 22 May 2017
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Describing themselves as “spawned from Leeds” this group of talented lads are kicking up a storm in the underground scene and beyond. I first saw them live when we played with them at Funeral Fest in 2015 and they have gone from strength to strength since, supporting bands such as Acid Reign and Vektor. They released their latest single Cosmic Dreams last year and have been touring like machines ever since. Let’s find out how it’s all been going.


  1. Let’s start at the beginning, I believe you guys formed in 2010…how did that happen?

Anything from that long ago was just jamming around with high school mates. We officially formed in 2013, however the band was reincarnated so to speak after we had a bad experience with past members, we essentially restarted leading up to 2015 with a new focused sound and much improved mindset to become the entity you know now.

  1. How did you come up with the band name?

When Henry (guitars) was on a daring expedition in the highlands beyond the Outer Hebrides, he came upon an ancient alien crypt that had these words carved into the walls. Naturally we took it as a sign and formed a band.

  1. Is the sci-fi, space theme a shared interest between all the members of the band?

More so me and Ryan with our love of Star Wars and Alien etc, I’m also getting into astrology too which probably has some influence on it. However all the band dig the sci-fi / fantasy theme, plus it gives us a really distinctive vibe. I’m just really entranced and sucked into mystifying tales from bands like Timeghoul and Chthe’ilist, so I love to think up my own worlds and sing about them instead of just straight up gore and guts; which is great! but we like to paint with a different brush.

  1. You released a new single earlier this year titled Cosmic Dreams via UKEM Records & Terrorizer Magazine (which is awesome by the way). Tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind it.

Thank you! We really do appreciate it. As with a couple of our other tunes the Death influence came in here for a few sections with the 5th harmonies and grooves. Musically I’m always trying to find new sounds to bring out on the instrument using peculiar and unorthodox techniques, which is how the tapping and harmonics riffs came about. This sort of mindset when it comes to writing will be much more prominent in our future releases. Lyric wise it’s evolved into a huge spacey story with giant cosmic beings, other dimensions and is interlinked with other new songs which you’ll hear more of in the future!

  1. Where was it recorded?

In the solid facilities of Leeds College Of Music with Jack Helliwell of JHR productions.

  1. I know you guys are big Death fans too, is the title a bit of a nod to Chuck or am I over thinking it?

I guess  it can be. We do love Human to bits however the title is much more of a nod to the story told in the song, as the character basically travels the cosmos withinin their dream. So a bit of both! There’s also a little Megadeth reference in there too…

  1. I love the cover artwork for Cosmic Dreams too, who did you get to do it?

An exceptional artist from Russia, A. Nagamasa. They said they were influenced by famous artists like Adam Burke and Nick Keller to create something with an old school spirit and without utilising computer graphics. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more from them soon!

  1. What was it like sharing a stage with Vektor? I know you are massive fans.

Absolutely incredible, I had talked with them through social media before hand so it was super cool to be hanging out with them all for a few days, and even more so playing the stage before them! They were some of our favourite shows, especially with having the space theme in common the fans really dug us. Shame about them losing their members, however I’m excited for what Dave will do with new Vektor material and what the old members have lined up next!

  1. So, since 2014 you have released two EPs, 3 singles and a split, are we ever going to get to see a debut album?

Not for a while. It is in talks, however it will only happen when we feel time is right.

  1. Where can we buy releases, t-shirts and other Shift goodies?

Check out all our sites at, and for all your needs.

  1. Any messages to your adoring fans?


  1. And finally, do tell us about any shows coming up and what else we should be looking out for.

The big one is we’re supporting Suffocation in Leeds at Eiger Studios on 28th August which should be a loony show! Other shows are Nottingham on 13th May, York on the 4th June then we’re playing with German thrashers Dust Bolt in Glasgow on 9th and then London on the 8th July which actually happens to be my birthday! More dates around that London one are to be confirmed with a great lineup. Plus we’ve got a ton more killer shows to announce very soon so keep both eyes on the facebook and website. keep moshing on planetmosh, our starcruiser will venture to your planetary system soon.

Thanks again guys, all the best!

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