Crossfaith – Zion EP

crossfaith - zion epCrossfaith is a metalcore/hardcore/electronica band from Osaka, Japan.  Like many Japanese bands, Crossfaith sing in English.  The band was formed in 2006 and released their debut EP (Blueprint of Reconstruction) in 2008. They then released their first studio album “The Artificial Theory for the Dramatic Beauty”  in 2009, and their second studio album “The Dream the Space” followed two years later in 2011.  Crossfaith are now back with their new release – the Zion EP.

The band have toured with bands including Bleed from within, and Polar, and are due to play the Soundwave festivals in Australia before heading over to the US to tour with Enter Shikari.

Brief comments on a few of the tracks..

Opening track “Monolith” kicks off with a load of keyboards/synthesiser, and that heavily electronic sound is present throughout the track.  The vocals are fairly standard metalcore shouting style vocals, and are accent-free – something that isn’t always the case with Japanese bands.  There’s plenty of power from the drums and guitar, but it’s the keyboards that are the dominant sound alongside the vocals.

“Photosphere” is similarly dominated by the synth right from the start.  In contrast “Jagerbomb” starts with drums and guitars but it’s not long before the synth sounds are back and very prominent.

That sums up the EP really – it’s a highly electronic sound mixed in with a harcore sound, and the result is heavy but with lots of electronics giving the sound more depth.

It’s a good EP, and the band’s sound is likely to go down well with Enter Shikari’s fans when they tour together

The Zion EP will be released in the UK on 1st February.

Rating: 7/10

Track listing:

1. Monolith
2. Photosphere
3. Jagerbomb
4. Quaser
5. Dialogue
6. Leviathon

Crossfaith are:

Kenta Koie – Vocals
Kazuki Takemura – Guitar
HIroki Ikegawa – Bass
Tatsuya Amano – Drums
Terufumi Tamano – Programming/keyboards

Band website:

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