Corr Mhóna – Dair

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Corr Mhóna

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On 3 December 2014
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Atmospheric dark black/doom death metal delivered via the native tongue of Ireland.

corrCorr Mhóna are an Irish band whom sings entirely in their native language. Formed in 2009 the bands released one ep in 2010 before going on hiatus but now have returned with this very impressive full length debut. In recent times there has been a trend to refer to music as back to its roots, old school and traditional, a lot of the time yes the bands are nodding towards a point in time but you know it is calculated. This band on the other hand have immersed themselves in their traditions and married it to a mix of doom and black metal and produced something with a natural tone which has formed a unique sound that would slot in seamlessly beside the likes of early Anathema. The harsh vocals vs the clean vocals certainly has an affinity with Enslaved’s “Isa” period it is not glaringly obvious but is more of an atmosphere it induces and the level of intricacy in the writing. The guitars twist and turn between riffs with the drums nailing the whole thing done with a massive bass drum sound and intricate patterns which are not overplayed. The vocals are the real standout effortlessly flicking between growls and clean singing with harmonies added in for extra effect. The title track is a 16 minute epic which lays bare the soul of the band and conjures up images of Ireland in ancient times with brave warriors battling the elements and displaying their fighting spirit. This album is of a very high standard which will put the band on very good footing moving forward, if they stay true to this chosen path it will be very interesting to see what they can come up with next. Astounding stuff from the Emerald Isle.
Martin Farrow: Guitar, Vocals
Stephen Quinn: Bass, Vocals
Paul Quinn: Guitar, Vocals
Robert Farrow: Drums

…Na Lámha-sa

Atmospheric dark black/doom death metal delivered via the native tongue of Ireland.

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