Corpore – She Came Like A Hurricane

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On 3 May 2015
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A really hard hitting, full on album. A hit in the making



The continual evolvment and progression of Metal in general, never ceases to amaze me, to such an extent, that these days, you need an abacus to count the number of genres and sub genres that exist. Therefore, when I read the term Modern Metal crossed with Hardcore and Electronic, I was suffice to say more than a little intrigued.

Corpore may be an unfamiliar name to a lot of people outside of their native Spain but the five piece have a debut album from 2010 under their belts and have now stepped into the limelight once more with the follow up offering ‘She Came Like A Hurricane’. Firstly, this is an album that is out to achieve a lot, the band come across as being really focused and in tune with what they are attempting to do, and as a whole, manage to tick all the relevant boxes.

Kicking off with the title track, you are immediately taken aback by the power and aggression thrown at you, and although painfully short, it’s a track that really draws you in, whetting the appetite for the remainder of the album. Personally, I am a big fan of the electronic side of things, and the bass lines on this album really rattle the rib cage. ‘When I Feel Wrong’, to pick a random track, is a great example of the diverse spectrum of musical slants that the band hit you with, a kind of all out, Scar Symmetry meets Bullet For My Valentine allied with Korn and Modestep thrust, that is undeniably addictive and engaging. Vocally, the band slip in and out of melodic and growl to good effect, keeping me, as the listener, constantly guessing as to which avenue we go down next. The album closer ‘Empires Fall Down’ is an absolute stormer of a track, bristling with hyper charged emotion that is a real contrast to many other of the songs on offer, and possibly stands out more notably because of that. ‘In The Stars’ is another song, that whilst not immediately accessible, is incredibly well put together, combining power and melody on a grand scale.

In summary, this is an album that has very little to moan about, yes the lyrics may struggle a little at times because of translation but that would be a harsh criticism to make considering the overall depth and quality that is on offer. It may not be your usual cup of tea but I strongly recommend giving this album a try, proof that the Metal scene is alive and thriving, despite what certain people have been saying.


Track Listing;

  1. She Came Like A Hurricane
  2. When I Feel Wrong
  3. I’m Still Alive
  4. Trapped Inside
  5. In The Stars
  6. Of Love And Hate
  7. Send Me A Sign
  8. Empires Fall Down




Band Members;

Teocida – Vocals and Electronics

Biomcanic – Guitars

David ‘The Doctor’ – Guitars

Kintana – Bass

Jaime ‘The Commander’ – Drums


The album is released through Art Gates Records on May 4th



A really hard hitting, full on album. A hit in the making

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