Cold Rush – Disclosing The Vicious Seeds

Though no release date has been published, Cold Rush, an electro-industrial metal band from Germany will soon to release their second album ‘AmoKKoma’.  Their first album, ‘The Illness’ was release in 2009 and since then the band has undergone a change in line up with the addition of a new front man Matthias Kupka.  An experienced singer, Matthias and has plenty of live experience and has played with bands such as Suidakra and Emergency Gate.  With this new album, the band promise that their sound will be harder, more melodic and powerful, whilst still keeping the character of Cold Rush.

As a prelude to their second album, Cold Rush is releasing a two track CD as a taste of things to come.  ‘Disclosing The Vicious Seeds’ will be released on 17 March 2012 as a digital maxi CD.

Both tracks on the CD begin with recordings of ‘speeches’, which may sound strange, but they are short, well-chosen and lead nicely into the songs.  You can clearly hear that this is electro-industrial metal and there is a constant (though changeable) electronic beat throughout the songs, which keeps you moving without being overpowering or too ‘dance’.  Having said that, if this were to come on in a pub I could easily see people moving with it.

So how are Kupka’s vocals?  In a word, metal!  They’re hard, loud and control the songs well; this new line up obviously works.  Both of these songs make me want to crank up the sound and shout along.  If electro-industrial metal is your bag, then I would definitely suggest you give this a try.  If you’re already a fan of Cold Rush, then grab a copy and treat yourselves to a re-worked version of ‘Daily Crime’, as well as the enjoyable shredding in ‘White Z’.

In summary, if this is a taste of things to come, then I expect only good things from their upcoming second album.  Bring it on boys!


Track List:

1 – Daily Crime (Second Edition)

2 – White Z

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