Claim The Throne – ‘Forged In Flame’

Claim The Throne ArtworkThis third album from Australia’s Claim The Throne is very much in the blackened, melodic death metal meets folk vein of Amon Amarth, and most definitely will appeal to fans of the Swedish overlords.

While Australia itself may not have a long folk tradition of its own – drawing as it does on those of its multi-national, often enforced, diaspora – CTT have nevertheless succeeded in producing an album that draws upon the scope of its influences and doing so with a masterly aplomb so many from the lands of their forefathers fail to deliver.  A very worthy album deserving further investigation.


Ravagelands / The World Grows Dull / A Grand Destruction / Zephyrus / In The Mist / Forged In Flame / Serpent And The Star / Incursion / At The Ocean’s Edge / Essence Of A Scorched Realm / Gloryfeast / Darkened Seas Collide / In Blood Be Sworn / Chronicle

‘Forged In Flame’ is out now on Prime Cuts Music:


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