Celtachor to release second album in April

Celtachor album artworkIrish blackened folk metallers Celtachor will release their second album, ‘Nuada Of The Silver Arm’, via Trollzorn Records on April 24.

Recorded in September and October of last year at Sun Studios in Dublin with Ola Ersfjord, and mastered by Chris Common, the album concept deals with the life and death of the High King Nuada, the arrival of the Tuatha Dé Danann to Ireland and the first and second battles of Magh Tuiread.

The artwork (pictured right) was once again painted by the band’s drummer Anais Chareyre,

and depicts Nuada, the king, and his people staring into the Fires of Teamhair at the creation of the Silver Arm, near his great hall at Tara. The faces of Fódhla, Banba and Ériu appear in the flames, looking over the creation of the Arm and the Kingship returning to Nuada.


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