Catamenia, ‘The Rewritten Chapters’ cd.


This is actually the bands 11th full length release believe it or not, in a career that spans some 16 years and having had more than their fair share of line up changes.
This latest release however is more than just a run of the mill, treading water, label pleaser of a ’Best Of’ compilation, indeed all the tracks have been completely reworked and rerecorded to bring them up to date and quite possibly heralds an exciting new chapter in the bands history.
Formed in Finland in 1995 it wasn’t until 1998 that the debut album ’Halls Of Frozen North’ was released, an album that still stands tall in the Nordic Metal scene. Since then however the band have struggled to maintain a stable line up for any great length of time but throughout have always stuck to their beliefs and produced excellent albums such as ’Eternal Winter’s Prophecy’ and the classic Winternight Tragedies’ along the way.
‘Rewritten…’ draws from all time periods of the bands history and yet because having been completely reworked by the current line up sounds fresh and full of new found energy. Tracks such as ’The Day When The Sun Faded Away’ and ’Post Mortem’ for example have both taken on an entirely new lease of life. ’Morning Crimson’ still sounds as majestic as ever but with a much harder edge, ’Eskhata’ is an absolute stormer, and even the cover of Bon Jovi’s ’Born To Be My Baby’ (honestly) works.
All in all an album that represents a triumphant rebirth of a band that deserve a lot more recognition.

Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing;
1. Hollow out-Chaos Born.
2. Blackmension.
3. Alive…Cold…Dead!
4. Cavalcade.
5. Passing Moment Of Twilight Time.
6. The Day When The Sun Faded Away.
7. My Blood Stained Path.
8. Post Mortem.
9. Morning Crimson.
10. Eskhata.
11. Coldbound.
12. Lost In Bitterness.
13. Pimea Yo.
14. Kuolon Tanssi.
15. Born To Be My Baby (Bon Jovi cover).


Catamenia are;
Riku Hopeakoski – Guitars.
Juha-Matti Perttunen – Vocals.
Mikko Hepo-oja – Bass.
Sauli Juahiainen – Guitars.
Toni Qvick – Drums.
Jussi Sauvola – Keyboards.

Out now via Massacre Records.

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