CARCASS | release drum playthrough for ‘Torn Arteries’


British extreme metal legends Carcass have released a drum playthrough video for the title track from their new record, ‘Torn Arteries.  Watch as the band’s revered drummer Daniel Wilding rips through the pummeling track below.

Commenting on the song and playthrough, Wilding says: 

“This is the big one. Torn Arteries! Starting with the drum fill was an idea I had after we were struggling to find a way to begin the song. I came up with the fill after just messing around with some basic ideas at home. When we eventually tried it all together it just worked. I never expected it to be the start of the album though haha! Another one of my favourites! Very intense, the drums are all over the place in this one. A lot of fast stuff, tempo changes and a lot of fills! Exhausting to play but so much fun! I feel it’s a great mixture of intensity and musicality!”

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Ferocious and uncompromising in their execution, CARCASS’s ability to intricately dissect the innards of death metal and display them for us to sonically understand has been their point of excellence for over three decades. In 2019 the band released their first single in over 5 years ‘Under The Scalpel Blade‘, followed by a 4-song EP in 2020 titled Despicablesetting a potent precedent for the full-length album coming in September.

With the album title referencing an old demo created by original drummer Ken Owen back in the ’80s, Torn Arteriessits as a bookend on the modern side of the CARCASS discography, connecting directly back to where everything began over 30 years ago.  

The album artwork also rings reminiscent of the grotesque photography that appears on classic CARCASS album covers like Reek Of Putrefaction and Symphonies of Sickness. Artist Zbigniew Bielak travelled outside his normal wheelhouse to bring forth a time-lapsed set of photos showing vegetables shaped like a heart, rotting over time upon a white plate. This form of artwork was influenced by Japanese Kusôzu, meaning: ‘painting of the nine stages of a decaying corpse.’

Recording and production for Torn Arteries wasn’t as simple as sitting down for a few weeks and knocking it all out but rather spread out over the course of approximately 1 year bouncing back and forth between the UK and Sweden. Initially, drummer Daniel Wilding did session work in Sweden at Studio Gröndahl with David Castillo while guitars were recorded at The Stationhouse with James Atkinson in Leeds, UK.

Eventually needing some form of residential location to finalise vocals, bass, and other guitar work, the band headed back to studio Gröndahl in Sweden to continue work in a very relaxed atmosphere with Castillo. “There was no real big plan to do it this way, the process just organically grew on its own,” says Walker.

Most will find that the only real struggle when indulging in Torn Arteries is fighting the desire to start it over the second it finishes. It covers substantial new ground for a band with such a reputation, while still retaining that addictive, time-honoured CARCASS sound that has come to represent the face of true death metal.

Bill Steer – Guitars
Jeff Walker – Bass/Vocals
Daniel Wilding – Drums
Tom Draper – Guitars

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