CALIBRE ZERO release cover & tracklist for “Con Las Botas Puestas”

The release date of the CALIBRE ZERO album “Con Las Botas Puestas” on CD is September 19th 2014. The preorder phase will start on September 5th 2014 from the Pure Steel Webshop.

CALIBRE ZERO, active since 2005, improve from album to album. On their fourth release you will find high class melodic Heavy Metal with sharp edges in the tradition of bands like MURO or ZARPA.

CALIBRE ZERO Con Las Botas PuestasThe competition is open and the rough vocals combined with the melodic songs are rooted totally in the spanish way of playing Heavy Metal. Normally the music should convince everywhere and not only in Spain. We all know that there are still people insisting on english vocals. Nobody knows why, only themselves, so it’s impossible to convince them.

All others will be happy listening to authentic Heavy Metal!

1. Si no es ahora cuando
2. Con las botas puestas
3. Preva de un nuevo amacener
4. Aun arde su fuego
5. Tu sola presencia
6. Esclavizados
7. Nuevo orden mundial
8. Hoy tu ciudad es mi hogar
9. Tu dia llegara
10. Lo que soy
11. Dejadnos vivir en paz
Total Playing Time: 37:45 min

Calibre ZeroLINE-UP:
Pedro Peláez – bass
Ricardo Lázaro – vocals
Miguel Lázaro – guitars
Antonio Cuenca – drums



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