Cadaver Club – Enniskillen, Charlie’s Bar 27/03/2015

This past Friday evening, Cadaver Club returned to their old haunting ground of Enniskillen to reacquaint the locals with their unique brand of funeral punk.  They were joined on this occasion by Attack The Day and Phil ‘Philthy’ Cassidy who coincidently was performing double duty on the night.

Philthy - Charlie's Bar, Enniskillen, 27 March 2015The venue lights dim and Philthy, with his acoustic guitar in hand, takes the stage to provide the locals with a lively, energetic and intimate set.  Although the crowd is quite slim at this point, they quickly get into the swing of things, singing along and providing banter with Phil as he powers through his set.

During the last few songs, he is joined by his brother (and Cadaver Club drummer) Matt who provides vocals and harmonica, whilst playing a rare gem from their days in Filthy Angels.  From start to finish this was a solid, confident and well received set with plenty of interaction between Phil and the crowd.

After a short intermission, Attack The Day take the stage and inject a solid dose of metal into the night with their brand of pop tinged alternative metal.  Kicking off their set with a medley, they perform a set consisting of mostly original songs, some of which will be on their debut EP, ‘Shadows’.

I am always impressed when I see this band live, as they are always improving in terms of their stage presence and capabilities as musicians.  Daithi Murphy who has recently taken the mantle of lead singer is progressively becoming more comfortable in his role.  His stage presence and banter with the crowd was enjoyable and it will be interesting to see how he progresses in the near future.

With the support acts having concluded their respective sets, the crowd eagerly await the headlining act to take the stage.

Cadaver Club - Charlie's Bar, Enniskillen, 27 March 2015From the moment that they hit the stage, I can honestly say that Cadaver Club is truly a unique entity on the local music scene.  From their stage presence, to their solid selection of original material, they are one of the most solid and entertaining bands I have seen in a long time. The experience and pedigree between the four band members is plain to see as they hold the crowd in the palm of their hands and deliver upon them the finest in punk rock.

After a tremendous set, the gig concludes on a high note and the crowd and bands disperse.  The standard has been set for the next gig that will be held in Charlie’s Bar, so I hope that they are up for the challenge.

If you ever get the chance to watch any of these bands live, then I wholeheartedly urge you to do so…  You will not regret it.

Review and photographs by Jason Gallagher.

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