Bury the Hatchet – It Was Never Enough EP (CD)

Bury the Hatchet are a 5-piece metalcore outfit from Maidstone in Kent that formed towards the end of 2010, and ‘It Was Never Enough’ is their brand new EP, released by SAN Agency. It’s fair to say that the metalcore scene is pretty dilute, and to really stand out from the crowd requires someting a little bit special. Thankfully, Bury the Hatchet have that special something.

From the moment the title track – a spine-chilling piano intro – moves into ‘But We Still Keep Moving’ and, with the ‘ting’ of a cymbal, explodes into life, they are off and running for the next quarter of an hour in impressive fashion. The music is ridiculously brutal: Casp Howes and Tom Davies provide an extremely fast and solid foundation on bass and drums respectively, whilst Richard Norton and David Greenslade trade riffs and hooks that would not look out of place on a Killswitch Engage record. The quintet are completed by vocalist Ray Hughes, whose pipes are nothing short of savage over the five tracks on show here, especially on ‘Broken Soul’, a track that showcases a quite brilliant ‘quieter’ section that builds right back up into the ferocius trend of the rest of the record, and ‘Protest’, which opens with a crushing guitar riff before opening out into a mosh-pit, headbanging anthem.

Put simply, these guys are ones to watch for the future, because they’re on the brink  of something stratospheric. If there was ever a better way to summarise this release, it is thus: The band’s interests on Facebook merely state ‘Ripping your faces off’. Boy, did they do that. 8/10

Track listing:
1) It Was Never Enough
2) But We Still Keep Moving
3) Protest
4) 0411
5) Broken Soul


Website: http://www.burythehatchet.co.uk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/burythehatchet
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BTHofficial


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