Breed 77 – The Evil Inside

BREED 77 - The Evil Inside a-w loresReleased in March this year this is the latest album from Breed 77.  With their last album Insects released back in 2009 is this new offering worth the wait?  Absolutely.

The first track Drown is a strong start to the album and comes across as a challenge to the listener; asking if you’re on your feet and ready for action – which can only translate well to a live set.  The vocals vary across the song from slightly electronic sounding, to sung, to gritty and harsh.  The drums keep a determined pace and everything comes together really well – a really good song.

This continues throughout the album and I really like the order of the songs; they flow nicely into the next and carry you along through the different sections.  Here there is the right balance between an album band and a live band.  I know they can deliver the goods during their live sets and The Evil Inside shows again that they can bring the same sound and energy to your speakers at home.

Low brings things down a pace and introduces a Spanish feel with the guitars.  There’s a nice low-slung rhythm which gives a bit of a dirty feel to the sound – which is good in my book – and which continues through the vocals and guitars with the title track The Evil Inside.

The lyrics on this album shouldn’t be ignored either, as there a real imagery and eloquence that comes from them.  Fear and Motionless are perhaps my favourites for this with the line ‘no tears will be spilt in my memory today’ coming from the latter.  There is a sense of introspection about some of the songs that, on further listening really comes to the fore and gives the album a multidimensional touch.

As far as albums go, this is a success; it brings with it elements of their past releases and takes them forward, as they should.  I’ve listened to it several times and I’ve not heard anything that I don’t like. It’s a solid album, well made, with great lyrics, vocals, guitars, bass and drums.  It’s  also very accessible and easy to listen to. If you’re already a Breed 77 fan, then you will not be disappointed and if you’ve never heard any of their previous songs, and are looking to add another band to your collection, this is definitely an album you should listen too.





Track Listing

  1. Drown
  2. Broken Pieces
  3. Fear
  4. Looking For Myself
  5. Bring on the Rain
  6. Low
  7. The Evil Inside
  8. Higher
  9. 2Face
  10. Burn City Burn
  11. Motionless


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