Blowsight release new single ‘Swallow’

BLOWSIGHT have released a brand new single for the song ‘Swallow‘ which was originally written and performed by the legendary German gothic metal band Oomph!. The song is out now and available worldwide for download from iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic. The song may also be streamed via Spotify, YouTube, and rDio.

The song was recorded earlier this year while the band has been tracking their upcoming fourth studio album, which is still in production.

Blowsight SwallowOur tour with Oomph! was a great success, and we wanted to thank the band for taking us out on the road, so I chose one of my favorite songs by them, we recorded it while adding a few Blowsight-esque finishing touches and chose to release it as soon as possible, as opposed to waiting for the new album to be released” states singer/guitarist Nick Red. “As far as the new album goes, it’s coming along nicely and we hope to release it in early 2015 if all goes according to plan.”

BLOWSIGHT released their third full-length album entitled Life & Death, in October of 2012, and received critical acclaim. The band also released music videos for the songs This Pain, and Hit on the Radio.

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