Bloodstock Open Air 2013 Review – Thursday 8th August

boa13Today was the day that we’d all been waiting for. The first day of the highly anticipated bloodstock open air 2013.

Each year the eagerly awaiting crowd starts congregating at the gates earlier and earlier demanding entry but the security hold their ground until the specified 12pm opening time. An hour before opening the crowds were already miles long. After waiting what seemed like a long time (but was actually only an hour) in the beating sun, entry was finally granted and campsites were vastly filling. Anyone arriving at the festival on a Friday wouldn’t have a prayer of finding an adequate pitch, even with the addition of new site “Ironwood”.

Tonight’s first band on the lineup was Motherload who pulled in a considerable crowd but not quite as good as Bull Riff Stampede who filled the Sophie tent front to back. Their performance was highly energetic, full and packed a punch, setting the atmosphere for the rest of the night. The performance was reflected in the audience who were putting as much energy in as the band and this is only the second band on the first day!

As the day progressed, talk about the Beegees tribute band, Tragedy, echoed around the campsite. Before long the time had arrived for the anticipated all metal tribute act. I thought the Sophie tent couldn’t get any more packed than when Bull Riff Stampede hit the stage but I was proven wrong when Tragedy pulled in a crowd that filled the tent and beyond!

It was definitely a unique experience with covers of songs such as ” it’s raining men” introduced with Slayer’s “raining blood” and closing their set with an all metal version of “hot stuff”, I don’t think I’ll be forgetting that performance for a while.

With the day closed with a light-hearted atmosphere, I’m geared up for what is yet to come over the next 3 days!

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