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On 5 July 2019
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Release date: 28/06/19
Length: 41mins 53secs.
Feel, emotion, power, depth, speed...Need I go on????

It’s easy to predict where this classy quintet hail from. Their Melodic Death / Thrash Metal genre oozes Finnish descendance. Godsend is the band’s fourth full length album, spanning a thirteen year career, and it starts off perfectly with ‘Waves Of Black’.  Crushing guitars fellow a brief melodic intro and we are away. I like the way the guitar demonstrates subtle tones throughout this track, it really makes the song. It’s a perfect mixture of melodic rock and thrash and will easily please whichever of these two genres you side towards.

‘The Unfinished Story’ s opening riff is right up my street. Quite Flotsam & Jetsam-like from ‘Doomsday For The Deceiver’.  I’m instantly getting a sad vibe from these songs, it seems to be the theme here, but it’s only described within the music. Production is also first class giving both the album and the band the sound they deserve. ‘The Unfinished Story’  is a thumper with nice double bass drum work throughout.

Devourer‘  takes us as a step further into the realm of thrash with it’s power and speed. The band have definitely stepped over the threshold here, but again, keeping that melodic instinct in certain aspects of the track. Even stepping up a chord towards the end works a treat. Lovely.

Alysia‘  gives us more of what I’m loving, but ‘My Route’s’  opening 20 seconds holds a mesmerising three different genres. Synth pop, rock and melodic thrash. The use of the pop-style synth throughout this song works really well to be fair. Throw in some Maiden-style duel guitar harmonising and some synths and you’ve got another belter.


I’ve just noticed that my headphone volume has been creeping up throughout this album and by jove this album deserves it. Best track on the album so far ‘Pieces’ allows the band to hold their own when it comes to speed, power, depth and tightness. The song boasts some beautiful chord changes, especially at the end.

‘Ask_You Shall Receive’  and ‘August‘  demonstrate that there is not a single weak song here. Testament to the band and their commitment.

The album comes to an end with ‘On My Throne’  and ‘White Feather’.  The latter’s beautiful piano intro depressing yet mesmerising .Two songs which epitomise everything that Bloodred Hourglass stand for and believe in.

This band have demonstrated genre mixing with awesome use of keyboards in a thrilling album. Not afraid to try the obvious and certainly not afraid to try something new. A great album. Buy it.

Track Listing:

1 – Waves Of Black

2 – The unfinished Story

3 – Devoure

4 – Alysia

5 – My Route

6 – Pieces

7 – Ask_You Shall Receive

8 – August

9 – On My Throne

10 – White Feather



Jarkko Koukonen – Vocals   /   Lauri Silvonen – Guitars   /   Antti Nenonen – Guitars / Keybards

Jose Moilanen – Basss   /   Jarkko Hyvonen – Drums


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Release date: 28/06/19 Length: 41mins 53secs. Feel, emotion, power, depth, speed...Need I go on????

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