BLEAK FALLS – ‘Another Rainy Day’

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The South Coast quintet deliver a debut E.P. brimming with energy and enough youthful exuberance, coupled with an amazing level of maturity to make me believe that I’ve just found the perfect mix of old school Metal riffs and modern Hardcore.



I must admit it took a couple of listens before I began to decipher this six track debut E.P. but with each returning visit I was steadily drawn in and became thoroughly engaged and even more impressed by what I was listening to. The instrumental intro whilst setting a base doesn’t really give an indication of what’s in store for the listener. Track two ’Morning Light’ however most certainly does, the devastating and shattering vocal delivery of Ridgewell married with some wonderful almost, Doom esque riffs really is impressive to say the least. Yes, anyone listening to this E.P. will probably draw comparisons with bands such as Cancer Bats and the vocal sound of BMTH but that should not be seen as dismissive, this bunch of guys have more than enough talent and skill in their locker to forge ahead and continue to develop and hone their own distinctive sound.
The superb but painfully short ’Chapter Eighteen’ should have the whole room jumping and throwing TV’s out of the window ( that’s televisions by the way, not transvestites), whilst ’Rollin On 60’s’ brings a downright dirty and gritty vibe to the table, again demonstrating the bands diversity.
However, for me ’Dear Brother’ is the pick of a really good bunch, from the moment the RHCP style guitar work kicks in to the soaring solo interwoven with a truly poignant and moving lyric, this to me is what modern Metal should sound like and aspire to, a genuinely immense and emotional piece of music.
Closer ’Pass A Promise’ cranks things up again though with a mighty thrust of Sabbath esque riffing to please fans of all Metal genres.
Summing the whole package up I would highly recommend checking this band out, if you’re a bit of an old schooler, previously disinterested or afraid to dabble in the world of Hardcore then you could not pick a better release than this to get a glimpse of what can be produced and achieved by a hugely talented and forward thinking band.

Rating 9/10.

Bleak Falls are;Bleak Falls Promo shot

Ridgewell – Vocals.
Christopher Shane-Chan – Guitar.
Paden Vaughan – Guitar.
Donald Wainwright – Bass.
Ben Vaughan – Drums.

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