Beretta Suicide – ‘Beretta Suicide’

Beretta Suicide Cover ArtApparently brought together by their mutual love of “tattoos and low slung guitars”, Leeds trio Beretta Suicide play good old-fashioned street punk mixed with rock ‘n’ roll and a not inconsiderable dose of backstreet glam, combining the carefree spirit of the likes of The Babysitters and Last Of The Teenage Idols with the snarling ‘don’t-give-a-fuck’ attitude of Dogs D’Amour.

Frontman Joey K possesses a snarl that lies somewhere twixt Tyla and Billy Idol, although without the commercialized swagger of the latter, while the band’s tight, well-practised delivery draws more than favourable comparisons with higher profile contemporaries such as Zico Chain.


Welcome / Rum & Roam / Another Wolf In The Wings / Changes?! / Somewhere / Get Low / Go Slow / To Play And Win / Itchy / Tongue In Cheek / To All My Good Good Friends

‘Beretta Suicide’ is released on October 7th.

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