BAGORAH Debut “The Art of Deviant Behavior” Out Now

Progressive heavy rock band BAGORAH is set to release its debut full-length album, The Art of Deviant Behavior. Written and recorded by musicians across North America, The Art of Deviant Behavior features 10 tracks of melodic, yet uncompromisingly heavy, riff-driven metal. 

BAGORAH has released videos for two tracks off their upcoming debut album. Watch now the videos for “Supernatural” and “All of our Lives” on the band’s YouTube channel

The Art of Deviant Behavior will be out on March 1 on CD and digital formats. Pre-order at

Track listing
1) LaCrossians
2) Supernatural
3) Secret Society
4) The Silent Type
5) The Humans
6) Deviant Behavior
7) Jennifer Wilson
8) All of our Lives
9) Video Games
10) Last Known Survivor

Sometimes the toughest of times can spark endless creativity. In our changing and challenging world, the art of making music has changed. Not willing to wait for the way things used to be done, four veteran musicians based in different locations in both the US and Canada came together over the past two years to write and record 10 new heavy progressive songs that are loaded with memorable riffs, beats, vocals hooks, and melody. The band, the project, and the art have come under the birth and title of BAGORAH. 

Each member of BAGORAH individually recorded their tracks in different studios before sending the music to Nashville-based engineer Erik Hellerman for mixing and mastering.


 Lenny Burnett – guitars

 Richard Sims – bass 

 Tom Moller – drums

 James Phillips – vocals

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