Bad Guys – London’s Bad Guys bring you their 2nd opus: Bad Guynaecology

London’s Bad Guys bring you their 2nd opus: Bad Guynaecology

Bad Guynaecology

Recorded in a snake pit, in a quarry, on top of a mountain, in the desert, at night, during a thunderstorm, Bad Guynaecology is the second album from London’s own hard rockers Bad Guys.

Featuring heavy riffs courtesy of a twin double neck guitar, pounding drums and wild vocals laid down on seven foot wide steel tape, then smelted into WAVs by an irritable dwarf in an ancient forge, in space –Bad Guynaecology truly is the soundtrack to your generation. Whoever you are.

“growly shit-kicking rock that suggests a moonshine-addled meeting between early ZZ Top and a mescaline-crazed circus strongman.”
The Quietus

“Bad Guynaecology is a great album for Bad Guys to return with. It’s a different album to its predecessor and it proves that Bad Guys have matured as a band though there’s still a ton of laughs to have along the way. It’s a must have record. Plain and simple.”
-The Sludgelord

“Bad Guynaecology is a fucking great record and sounds like it was a blast to make, by a band that take their music seriously but also know not to take themselves too seriously. Which is why, despite its silliness, its songs about stolen toy cars, people having it off in your garden, and men who wrestle snakes, underneath all of that, this album will absolutely kick your fucking teeth in.”
The Monitor

Check out the exclusive behind the scenes making of Bad Guynaecology!

About Bad Guys

Comprised of two Englishmen, a Canadian and a Hungarian, this powerhouse foursome is bonded together in the name of rock, with one mutual ambition fueling their music and guiding their mission: to make the heavy stuff and play it loud, the way it should be. As the next step in reaching their shared objective, Bad Guys has crafted a follow up to their self-titled 2013 masterwork, an album that is irrefutably their most dangerously addictive record to date. This collection of noises will make you feel things in places you did not even know you had. A word of advice to listeners: embrace this sexual awakening.

Production duties on this album were bestowed upon esteemed metal producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Cathedral, Angel Witch), who successfully crafted a record that achieved what seemed impossible. Bad Guynaecology encompasses the over the top, chaotic, uproarious magic that fills the air at a live performance, infecting the audience whether they like it or not.

Bad Guys have played at several festivals without ever being asked, on one occasion bringing a cabin, quite literally, to the ground—an endeavour resulting in heavy, but worthwhile fines. Another time, they performed directly outside the security guards’ building, until they were shut down. Learning from experience they opted to play inside the main building the next time around. Alas, Bad Guys were kicked out yet again, this time due to being a “fire hazard.” Can you say your band is a fire hazard?

The band also boasts the honour of having played a show in the life drawing room in the Royal Academy (the oldest life drawing room in the United Kingdom), where they performed naked while people attempted to draw them. This time, they weren’t shut down and many intellectuals said it was quite fascinating.

In addition to art classes and festival crashing, Bad Guys has played in countless venues and clubs all around Europe and have been generally very well received. Except from this one time in Glasgow where the promoter didn’t show up, the DJ played techno to open the show, and one drunk woman kept shouting at them to shut up.

Bad Guys

Bad Guys Line Up:

Vocals – Stuart London
Guitar – PJ Mountford
Guitar – Dave Silver
Drums – Tamas Kiss

Recommended If You Like: ZZ Top, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Motörhead, MC5, The Melvins

Formats: CD/LP/DL

Bad Guys Tour Dates:
Friday March 13 – The Lexington, London w/ Sex Swing and Henge
Friday March 27 – Green Door Store, Brighton
Saturday March 28 – Eastney Cellar, Portsmouth
Tuesday March 31 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Wednesday April 1 – Northumberland Arms, Newcastle
Thursday April 2 – Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow
Friday April 3 – Islington Mill, Salford
Saturday April 4 – The Black Heart, London w/ Oozing Wound and JØTNARR
Friday April 24-Sun 26 – Desterfest, London

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