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MaYaN – Quarterpast (CD)

In early 2010 versatile musician Mark Jansen (Epica) started a project together with keyboardist Jack Driessen and guitarist Sander Gommans (both ex-After Forever) to produce some heavy and technical death-metal combined with Jack’s trademark symphonic arrangements. After writing some music together, Sander couldn’t find the time to go for it …

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Magnum – The Garage Glasgow – 13/04/2011 (Gig)

Magnum are currently touring to promote their new album “The Visitation“. I went to see them on the 2nd night of the tour and was happily surprised with just how great they performed live as I’m not the biggest Magnum fan however they won me over tonight! The support was …

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Saxon – ABC Glasgow – 14/04/2011 (Gig)

Just to be a bit different, reviews of Fury UK & Wolfsbane sets were done at the Manchester gig. They will be posted soon. I got to review the Scottish Saxon set. After a great set from Fury UK and a wickedly wild one from Wolfsbane. Wolfsbane had whipped the …

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