Attica Rage – 88 mph

The Attica boys return with by far their finest chunk of Rock to date.



88MPH certainly lives up to it’s title, a full throttle, law breaking, fuel burning, tyre screeching bat out of Hell if ever there was.
Acoustic opener ‘From Dusk ‘Til Dawn’ lulls you into a false sense of security with its calm serenity, not for the first time demonstrating the bands ability to conjour up emotionally charged passages of beautiful music. It’s a calm that lasts a little over two minutes though, as ‘Beyond Forever’ smashes from your speakers, a rip roaring, bounce a long, good time piece of thunderous Hard Rock to break the speed limit to, featuring a peach of a solo from Stevie Bell, all held together by the powerhouse rhythm section of Jonny Parr on guitar, Richie Rage on drums and newest member Colin Wilson on bass guitar.

The Attica Rage sound and ethic has always been one of no compromise, no bullshit, honest Rock N Roll, and although the band continue to develop and evolve in terms of writing and delivery, that core feature remains, which is surely to be applauded in today’s fickle, fad driven market.
Flight 180’ with its classic riff could quite happily sit in any decade of Rock music you care to throw it in with, whilst ’Close Shave’ (penned by bassist Colin Wilson) delivers a darker, dirtier vibe to proceedings.

Where the band have improved immensely in recent years is in the production sound, and again the skills of roddymacaudio have been brought in for this album, ensuring a fully rounded and complete sound to the finished article. A sound that whilst slick and professional, retains that ’live’ feel, a vital component in the Attica engine.
Long Ride Home’ is an excellent example of that mix, with its raw guitar riff and soaring solo, pitched in with a sing a long chorus to please the live audience. ’Killer Carousel’ ( with its accompanying video) is possibly the heaviest track on the album, almost Ozzyesque in places, and another song that will come across well on the gig circuit I’m sure. The title track doesn’t drop the pace at all though, another chest thumping, head banging classic.
Attica Rage have always been a band that like to party but thankfully haven’t succumbed to all the vices mentioned in ’Aftershow’, and a band, that whilst looking forward, are conscious of the past as well, hence the re working of one of their earlier tracks ’In Concert With The Mirror’ which is given a new lease of life on this album, sounding as gritty as ever. Album closer ’End Of An Era’ is a quieter track to end on but in many ways is the perfect choice, leaving the listener eager for things to come in the future.

88MPH is an album that will please the Attica faithful, that goes without saying but is an album that should also draw in a wealth of new fans, a collection of ten songs that whilst all having their own unique identity, combine together to form on of the years best Hard Rock/Metal albums.
A definite ’must have’ in my book.

Rating 9/10.


Track Listing;attica-rage-band-new
1. From Dusk ’Til Dawn.
2. Beyond Forever.
3. Flight 180.
4. Close Shave.
5. Long Ride Home.
6. Killer Carousel.
7. 88MPH.
8. Aftershow.
9. In Concert With The Mirror.
10. End Of An Era.

Attica Rage are;
Jonny Parr – Guitars, Piano and Synths.
Richie Rage – Drums.
Stevie Bell – Guitars.
Colin Wilson – Bass.

Out now via Off Yer Rocka Recordings.






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