As Gods – Crystalline

As Gods have been around since 2008 and as their “about me” states they have gone a different route to a lot of bands which seem to obsessed with being the loudest and fastest band on the planet by going a more progressive, technical route.

Opening track ”Crystalline” sets the scene for a voyage into a dream state where progressive rock takes over with its soothing, structured guitar playing, harmonic lyrics and vibe.

”Faith” represents a more guitar driven track before “Puzzle” delves deeper down into prog territory with its opening keyboard piece setting the scene for a more vocal led exploration of the world of prog rock.

“Wolves Of Siberia” represents a more upbeat rockier approach with its relatively aggressive “feel”.

Overall with “Crystalline” being the debut e.p from As Gods you can not helped but be shocked by the overall polished feel of the ep, from the tight, structured playing through to the superb production and mastering of the tracks.

As with most prog acts you must be a fan of the genre to truly appreciate this band, if you like prog rock you will love this band.

Highlight of the e.p: “Wolves Of Siberia”


Track Listing:

1. Crystalline;
2. Faith;
3. Puzzle;
4. Wolves Of Siberia;

Vocals – Howard Ridgeon;
Guitars – JP;
Guitars – Fred Spooner;
Bass – Sam Smith;
Drums – Elliot Ridgeon;


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