Arnocorps – The Ballzy EP

“I’m ballsy! I’m a stud! I don’t take shit from anyone! I’m ballsy! I’m a stud! I smoke my stogies wherever I want! I’m ballsy! I’m a stud! I don’t take shit from anyone! I’m ballsy! I’m a stud! I smoke my stogies wherever I want!”

Best learn the words now, as you are going to be singing them for a while to come. Presenting The Ballsy EP – the latest release from Arnold Schwarzenegger obsessed punk band Arnocorps who have recently re-released this astounding effort for the entire world to hear. If you can’t have the actual Terminator in the band, then get the next best thing… A guy who looks and sounds like him. Fronted by the amazing Holz Holsfeuer, Arnocorps are a band who through these reissued fast paced, hard hitting, punk rock anthems get the message across that they are back… And they mean business!

The Ballsy EP is a record jammed full of anthems and these are what Arnocorps at best at. Writing bold, brash and god damn brave songs based around some of the best action films that have ever been released. It’s one of these albums that you can’t help but pick up the lyrics quickly and sing along to every single song. The lyrics are catchy, stupid and will have you singing along to things like “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE” during “Terminator” and the chorus to tracks like “Rise of the Machine”. It is an extremely fun album to listen to.

Although Arnocorps may be a bit of a joke, songs like “I’m Ballzy” and “You Lack Discipline” are both clear fan favourites. They are both guitar driven and show very strong trends in American skater punk in the way they are structured and sound. The songs are so energetic and powerful and from the moment they kick in, to the moment the final chord rings out, you will have been hooked through great musicianship, fast paced songs and hilarious and pointless lyrics.

Like most bands that try and fit comedy into their music it can be seen as a bit of a gimmick. The only problem with Arnocorps is that because of the look and the concept they are going to be unfortunately tarnished with the same brush as bands like Gwar, Band of Orks and Lordi. As good as the music is on The Ballsy EP, the look the band chooses is like marmite. It’s both going to draw people in or put them off completely, and that’s something Arnocorps don’t want to be doing after releasing this great EP.

A god damn ballsy album with god damn awesome music on it, this is an EP that you need to check out. Whether you see them as a comedy band or a straight up punk band with funny lyrics, Arnocorps prove why the world should pay attention to their music and leave us waiting for their highly anticipated next release! [7/10]

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