Armonight – Tales From The Heart


One of the best things about this job isn’t just reviewing the big releases from worldwide established bands who’s track records are well proven, it’s the joy of listening to a band about whom you know very little about and being able to approach it with a clean slate, devoid of all pre conceptions and outside influences.
I must confess that until now Armonight have slipped under my Female Fronted Metal radar, originating from Italy the band have been in existence since 2007 and have one previous effort “Suffering And Passion” under their studded belts.
And so onto the new album “Tales From The Heart”, which after a Gothic tinged intro, launches into the excellent “With Your Knife”, a stomping tune of Gothic/Melodic Rock that is a great choice to start the album with, a track that builds and builds , Sy’s vocals taking on an almost Fairport Convention sound in parts. “Dancing With Ghosts” is another cracker, though entirely different in style, a much harder Rock/Metal sound comes to the fore here, which in turn demands a punchier, stronger vocal, which it gets.
“I Will Be There (For You)” delivers a much darker, emotional feel, whilst possibly my personal favourite track “When You See Me Cry”, slows the pace perfectly to a lighters in the air power ballad of immense quality. In all we’re treated to ten quality compositions, which many of the genres ‘bigger’ stars would love to be able to have in their back catalogues.
The band plan to tour hard when this album is released, which will be sure to capture them a legion of new converts. I for one can’t wait to see how the band come across as a live proposition but based on what I’ve heard here, I’ve a feeling they’ll deliver. As with a lot of bands from this genre, you tend to find it takes time for them to find their feet and define their own style and presence but Armonight seem to be well ahead of the chasing pack in both terms of song writing and talent.

Rating 8.5/10

Track Listing;
1. Into The Deepest Dream.
2. With Your Knife.
3. Dancing With Ghosts.
4. Always By Your Side.
5. I Will Be There (For You).
6. When You See Me Cry.
7. Coraline.
8. Once More.
9. Rainy Days.
10. A Kiss In The Snow.

“Tales From The Heart” will see release in September via Ravenheart Music.

Armonight are;Tales From The Heart

Sy – Vocals.
Lara – Guitar.
Fjord – Guitar.
Frens – Bass.
Hokuto – Keyboards.
Nicolas – Drums.



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