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On 21 May 2017
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Alestorm fans are sure to enjoy this album

Scottish Pirate Metal band Alestorm are back with their new album – their fifth studio album.  If you’ve listened to Alestorm before you’ll probably be expecting songs about Rum, Mead, Wenches, Pirates, Quests and Treasure.  If that’s what you’re expecting then congratulations, you successfully predicted the lyrical content of the new album.  Yes Alestorm have successfully defied the critics who said there was nothing else Piratey left to sing about and they’v managed to come up with 10 new pirate related songs.

It’s not a surprise really – Pirates and booze are subjects that have plenty of scope for them to sing about for many more albums and Christopher Bowes is a very clever guy able to come up with a never ending supply of lyrics (too many for one band, hence Gloryhammer plus his other minor side projects).

Musically there’s nothing too surprise either, it’s simply Alestorm doing what they always do – great catchy songs that are perfect to listen to when drinking and partying.  They’ve clearly decided that radio airplay isn’t necessary so to make sure no radio station on earth plays the full album they’ve included a song called “Fucked with an anchor” that includes enough swear words to ensure they’d have to bleep the entire song.  Check out the chorus… “Fuck you, you’re a fucking wanker, we’re going to punch you right in the balls.  Fuck you with a fucking anchor, you’re all cunts so fuck you all”.  It’s a very catchy song though and one I’m hoping they include in their live set.

The first single to be released is “Mexico” – check out the video here…

Alestorm fans are sure to enjoy this album

“No grave but the sea” will be released on 26th May 2017

Track listing:

1. No grave but the sea
2. Mexico
3. To the end of the world
4. Alestorm
5. Bar und Imbiss
6. Fucked with an anchor
7. Pegleg potion
8. Man the pumps
9. Rage of the pentahook
10. Treasure island

Alestorm fans are sure to enjoy this album

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