Aesthetic Perfection – Audio, Glasgow – 05/08/2015


Many bands love Glasgow. Aesthetic Perfection is no exception. Last year they were rocking The Classic Grand together with Faderhead, and they were back again, this year – to the Audio club.

While people were slowly gathering in Audio, the first opening act, a local band called Advance started their set at half past seven. The duo performed a quality electro half-hour long set, of which the best part was lovely baritone vocal of Tom Perrett. Despite their fast tunes and quite engaging vocalist, the audience didn’t respond so well, and was quite passive.

Twenty minutes after the end of Advance’s set, Shiv-r was ready and bouncing on the Audio stage. The crowd was growing a little more, and to the band’s joy – getting responsive. Shiv-r’s super active and very expressive vocalist was not to be ignored by the girls, dancing in front of the stage. Shiv-r played an energetic, quality EBM set of 40 minutes, and well prepared the small Glaswegian crowd for the main act – Aesthetic Perfection.

Very punctual and and mystical, hiding in the fog of fumes, Aesthetic Perfection finally hit the stage. As admirable but barely visible ‘hedgehogs in the fog’ guys, with Daniel Graves in the front, rocked from the

Aesthetic Perfection

start. Despite the vocalist’s recent illness (Daniel has been struggling with a chest cold since he came to UK), his vocal sounded pretty good, and had a little suitable harshness. Because of being engaging and well awaited by faithful fans, the atmosphere in the club heated up and everybody was dancing and bouncing to rhythms. The Aesthetic Perfection setlist was a fairly good mixture of old and newer songs, including a completely new song. The setlist was quite short due the vocalist health and some songs have been missed, as it is impossible to squeeze in so many of them into 40 minutes. Although it took a while for audience to call back the guys on the stage, Daniel Graves and the gang found energy to play another track for the encore. And after that – come back to fans for some chit-chats and pictures.

In the end of it all there is one thing to say – Aesthetic Perfection is not the band that would cancel a gig unless there is something the guys can’t change. Daniel will always rock the hell of the crowd with all the energy and strength he has. So he did in Glasgow. And promised to come back.

Daniel Graves (Aesthetic Perfection)


Aesthetic Perfection is:

Daniel Graves: All music, vocals and lyrics
Tim Van Horn: Live Drums
David Dutton: Live Keyboards (US)
Elliot Berlin: Live Keyboards (EU)


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