Accursed Years release ‘Wings of Fire’

Accursed Years release ‘Wings of Fire’ in support of the forests
UK metallers Accursed Years have released their new single “Wings of Fire”. The band will be raising funds for the UK-based charity Woodland Trust to help protect forests.  
 “Our new single, Wings of Fire, is a song essentially about deforestation. The world is losing its forests at an alarming rate, so this is a subject that we felt we wanted to discuss.
We also wanted to go a little further than simply speak about the subject through our music, so we’ve decided to try our hand at a little fundraiser in support of Woodland Trust, a charity that aims to plant and protect forests in the UK.”
 Everyone who donates as part of this campaign will have the chance to win the original (and only) painting created as artwork for this single, as well as having a tree planted in their name, for which they will receive a certificate. They will also receive the only remaining physical copy of our 2015 Oaken Weave single. The winner of this prize will be chosen at random and announced on May 7 along with the release of the “Wings of Fire” music video.
For more information and to donate, follow the link below:

Accursed Years is a metal band from Weymouth, England. They offer a dark, atmospheric, yet fist-pumping style of metal influenced by a combination of European metal bands such as Amon Amarth and Ensiferum, along with the darker forms of metal from bands from their home country, such as Paradise Lost. 

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